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Rustic Gold Earrings

Rustic Gold Earrings

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Beautiful handmade jewelry from the Holy Land.

These earrings are a truly unique piece of art from the heartland of Israel. With a walnut-stained base of cabernet grapevine wood, these earrings have a rustic feel that perfectly balances with the elegance of the gold design.

This product is part of our vine jewelry collection. These unique pieces of jewelry are crafted by hand from the wood of prophetic grapevines that grow on the mountains of Samaria, Israel.

The prophets of the Bible foretold that one day, after Israel's desolation and exile was over, God would bring restoration to the land and people of Israel. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, and many others all indicated that one of the symbols heralding this restoration would be grapevines growing and flourishing once again on the mountains of Israel (see Jeremiah 31 and Amos 9). After 2,000 years of barren hillsides and desolate soil, the vineyards of Israel are growing again!

Each piece of jewelry has its own story and design – no two sets of earrings are the same. By wearing this prophetic vine jewelry, you'll be taking part in proclaiming to the world that God is faithful and always keeps His promises. 

Made in Israel. Ships from the United States of America.

✅ Nickel-free
Attachment Type: Hook or Clip-On


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lisa Sigler

They’re beautiful. A bit larger than I expected, but I love them!

Rebecca S

These are a little larger than other earrings I’ve purchased from them. They are nicely done, very versatile to wear, and light weight.

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