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The Israel Bible

The Israel Bible

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This is the only Old Testament in Hebrew AND English that has:

  • A modern, accurate English translation straight from the Hebrew original.
  • English transliterations of inspiring verses to help you pronounce, read, and understand Hebrew!
  • A unique commentary on every page explaining God’s focus on the Land of Israel and clarifying prophecies about the final redemption.
  • Charts, lists, and maps that help you study better and understand more. 

NOTE: The Israel Bible only contains the Old Testament and does not include the New Testament.

Page Count‏: ‎2212 pages
Cover: Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
Item Weight‏: ‎4.6 pounds
Dimensions: ‎7 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Angelina Williamson
Excellent Bible

So happy we got this for hubby’s bday
Super fast shipping in Us
Excellent Book
Great Resource on the Hebrew Old Testament

Debbi Carroll

This is the first comparative transliterative Bible I have read and I am fascinated by how much more fulfilling the English language is. There is so much more to learn and reflect on than other, modern bibles. To have the Hebrew passages available, and the historical perspectives is indispensable to broadening my understanding of the relationship between Israel and our Creator.

I bought it for my husband after I loved mine.

This Bible is so important and relevant that I received one for my husband. The references in Hebrew and English along with commentary open up a new understanding of God’s word in such an exciting way!

Don Bulla
I love it!

A great addition to other Bibles I have. I have been to Israel 10 times and this helps tie things together.

Katrina C.
Wish I found this sooner!!

Finally, found the Tanakh that is not the English translation of the King James Version. The translation is truer to the Hebrew text clearing up confusion that is in most English translation. The Hebrew text is along the side allowing and helping me learn Hebrew!! It is easy to read, the commentaries of historical context along with great maps and to understanding the Hebrew perspective, social and cultural context.
The hard cover is well bound, illustrations bright. This is a very large and weighty book. A great purchase and bonus to support Israel. I am enjoying it tremendously and recommend it!!
P.S. This is the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament) so don't be expecting the "New Testament."

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