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Biblical Heartland T-Shirt

Biblical Heartland T-Shirt

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Show your support for Israel, including Judea and Samaria, with this brand new, exclusive Biblical Heartland T-shirt.

The front of this quality, soft cotton shirt shows the modern, politically-charged term "West Bank" crossed out and replaced with the historical, biblical name for central Israel: Judea and Samaria.

The back of the shirt features the outline of Judea and Samaria filled in with the names of the 23 most well-known biblical locations that are found in within the region, along with the slogan "Israel's Biblical Heartland".

This is NOT your ordinary cheap T-shirt.  These Biblical Heartland shirts are manufactured by Next Level Apparel and part of their premium product line. Our team has tested out many different brands and styles of T-shirts, and this one is our absolute favorite!

Choose your favorite from six different colors, but don't wait! We only have a limited supply.

Material: 100% cotton
Brand: Next Level Apparel
Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
Available Colors: Midnight Navy or Royal Pine


What's wrong with the term "West Bank"?

The term "West Bank" was coined relatively recently (first used in 1949) and has been used mainly by anti-Israel groups in their attempts to delegitimize Israel's 3,800 year-old claim to region. The term itself is even misleading because, although the region does include the west bank of the Jordan River, an area 40 miles wide and consisting of over 2,000 square miles of land can be hardly be described as merely a riverbank.

In truth, this region of central Israel is teeming with historical proof of Jewish ownership and sites of great biblical significance. It's no exaggeration to call this region of Judea and Samaria the "Biblical Heartland" for it truly has been the heart of Israel, both geographically and culturally, for thousands of years.

For the anti-Israel activist, it looks foolish to use a term like "Judea" in their argument that the land has never belonged to the Jewish people and should be turned into a Palestinian state. Shifting to a more vague name like "West Bank" obviously makes it easier to delegitimize Israel's claim to the land.

We encourage Christians and Israel-supporters around the world to use the historical names that have always been used for this region––Judea and Samaria––instead of the modern political convention used by those trying to weaken and take away land from Israel. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Bill Satnik
Love it

T-shirt is nice and soft, fits well and love the message.

Aaron Iacino
Great message!!!

I love the shirt and it's meaning!!!!

James , lover of the truth
Awesome T-Shirt Reflecting Truth and Values

Awesome addition to my wardrobe reflecting truth, my passion to embrace the truth, very nicely done, and it can provide appointments of conversation.I love making a statement that proclaims the glory of the King I love, His people and their claims as true owners to the land He promised them forever. I love this Inspired design. Thanks to you awesome Israel Guys!

Mike McMahan
Great T-Shirt

I love my new shirt

connie jarrell
Awesome witness tshirt!

I was super excited about this Tshirt. It will present witnessing opportunities! Very nice shirt!

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