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Facing Jerusalem

Facing Jerusalem

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Christianity is in trouble. Every day our faith is attacked and often watered down. Too many young people are leaving the faith of their childhood to chase the dream of this world. Those who are zealous for the faith of the first-century church are few in number or many stay silent. 

Drawing from the authors’ many years of working in Israel, and filled with personal stories, this book paints a beautiful picture of how all Christians should care about Israel and recognize Jerusalem’s key role in the redemption of the world.

Authors: Zac Waller and Luke Hilton
Publisher: Westbow Press (Zondervan)
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 122 pages
Dimensions: 5.0 inches by 7.9 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Cherry Talsma
Facing Jerusalem

Loved it. Great confirmation of God’s providence, esp as I am studying Ezekiel. We want to go so badly but every local trip we find out about is full! We want to go with a church or someone with historical and Biblical knowledge.

Sharon Komar



Excellent book! A must read for every Christian!

Charles Tobler

I like the book and it was really informative. I have Norton security. Nearly everything I get from you is red and has pop ups warning me not to go to the site. I had to click through warnings and click on “return to site” 5 times while trying to order the book. They kept warning that it was a small, little used site and I really shouldn’t be using it. They have been doing this for months even before you try to read an article.

Hi Charles, thank you for your review!
And thank you for letting us know about the warnings from Norton security. We looked into the issue today and it appears that they flagged our website as potentially suspicious. We submitted security documentation to them and have unflagged our site. You shouldn't be getting any more notices when you visit our site from now on.

David Minnis

Factual information, very well written!

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