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Facing Jerusalem

Facing Jerusalem

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Christianity is in trouble. Every day our faith is attacked and often watered down. Too many young people are leaving the faith of their childhood to chase the dream of this world. Those who are zealous for the faith of the first-century church are few in number or many stay silent. 

Drawing from the authors’ many years of working in Israel, and filled with personal stories, this book paints a beautiful picture of how all Christians should care about Israel and recognize Jerusalem’s key role in the redemption of the world.

Authors: Zac Waller and Luke Hilton
Publisher: Westbow Press (Zondervan)
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 122 pages
Dimensions: 5.0 inches by 7.9 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Dorothy Renter

I learned so much from this easy-to-read book! I have a better understanding of the continuation of Judaism (from the time Jesus & the apostles walked the earth) to the modern day Christianity that I am familiar with, and how and why we need to embrace our Jewishness. I appreciate all the corresponding Bible verses shared along side the information. I’m also deeply grateful for the last chapter, which gives practical ways to stand with Israel. I highly recommend this book to my brothers & sisters in Christ.

Rick Flesher
Facong Jerusalem

I read this book in one sitting but have since read it two more times. Every Christian should learn what this book teaches about God's plan for redemption.

Maury Ellebrecht
Enlightenment, Encouragement, Enduring Love!

"Facing Jerusalem" is a must have for all believers in Yeshua. I grew up in a strict Catholic home. I cried out to the Lord for Truth at age 18 - His Truth was my heart's cry. I was on a mission, which finally led to my new birth in Yeshua in 1979. This book says everything that my journey led me to over the years including the study and celebrating of the Lord's appointed times (Lev. 23); deeper understanding of prophecy; rejection of my pagan roots; the importance of Israel; Salvation in Yeshua alone; and facing Jerusalem when I pray. Your book was so refreshing, confirming, and promising to me as I mourn and pray daily for the Church that may have lost her first love, or never shed her pagan roots for Biblical ones. I can't explain my excitement as I read each word, each chapter, with confirmation and affirmation of what the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years. I am now 72 years old and walking strong in the Gospel; teaching our children and now great grandchildren, the Truth of God's Word.Thank you so much for your book. It has renewed my hope and joy for the days that lay ahead. I am standing with Israel in prayer during these days of needed repentance and turning to Yeshua Messiah for salvation and healing for both the Jew and Gentile. God bless you both and thank you for being faithful and for standing firm in the work the Lord has called you to. Longing for the day we stand together to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14) in Jerusalem!

A servant of Yeshuah Messiah,

Mrs. Maury Ellebrecht

Facing Jerusalem

Made some good points but failed in others. On pg x of intro 1st full paragraph: "in Genesis 12...He initiated a plan for the salvation of the entire world." Genesis 3:15 clearly reveals the initiation of God's plan of salvation, the protoevangelium. Also, numerous places in several chapters seemed to confuse the difference between the true church, the universal body of saved believers and the cultural "church", or attendees of houses of worship, without making a distinction between the two. Likewise the lines were blurred with the use of "Christian" which the author used to refer to both those who'd "call themselves" such but were not born again as well as those those who'd had a salvation experience and were part of the true church.

An amazing book!

This book is a must have for believers everywhere!

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