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Jesus Loves The Temple

Jesus Loves The Temple

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Did you know that when Jesus cleared out the Temple courts, the Gospels say that zeal for God's house consumed him?

Did you know that when Jesus was lost in Jerusalem for three days when he was a boy, he assumed that his parents would look for him in the Temple?

With the return of the Jewish people to their land in 1948 after 2,000 years of exile, Christianity has been forced to re-examine certain theological issues that had seemed long-settled during the absence of the Jewish people from the land of Israel. Among these issues are Christian Zionism, replacement theology, and now, the need for a temple in Jerusalem.

Join Benjamin Hilton as he takes a fresh look at the issue through the lens of Christian tradition, Jewish thought, Scripture, and the words of Jesus himself.

Author: Benjamin Hilton
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 147 pages
Dimensions: 5.0 inches by 8.0 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Elise Bailey
The temple

Excellent and opened my eyes anew to the importance of the temple to Christians. Went to Israel Nov 2019 with Jonathan Cahn and stopped at HaYovel and fell in love with the family. This book delivered.

Elise Bailey
Eye opener

Right from the intro thoughts were coming to me on the deeper significance of God’s temple and how it relates to my body as the dwelling place that needs to be reminded that He comforts, strengthens and loves us.
Considering using this book as a Bible study guide for a group.
Met this group in November 2019 in Israel with rabbi Jonathan Cahn group. Wish I was young enough to come back and work the harvest.

Ken Hutchinson
Jesus (truly) Loves the Temple

Encouraging and inspiring read! So appreciate the opportunity which was well timed with most recent personal biblical read and study.


Easy reading with attention to details not often addressed in other temple studies.


Excellent! Highly recommended reading!

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