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Rereading Matthew

Rereading Matthew

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A groundbreaking devotional for the thinking Christian.

As Christians, we have given our lives to Jesus. But how much do we know about who He was? All Bible teachers agree that context sheds critical light on what the writers originally intended their readers to hear. Have you ever thought about how the book of Matthew would read if you put Jesus in His original, Israeli, Jewish context?

Rereading Matthew does just that. You will be shocked at the insights you'll discover as you journey through the pages of this devotional and encounter an authentic depiction of what Matthew, a very Jewish, Israeli man, wrote in his account of the Gospel. 

This devotional is divided into 30 chapters.

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Watch this short introduction to the book by the author:

Author: Zac Waller (foreword by Brad H. Young, PhD)
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 121 pages
Dimensions: 4.2 inches by 6.9 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Brad H. Young, PhD

Everyone must read Zac Waller's amazing new devotional commentary, Rereading Matthew. This indeed is a must read! As a devotional commentary it nourishes the soul and inspires spiritual formation through Scripture study and prayer.

Elisabeth Lindenthaler
no devotionals expected

I was expecting something totally different! I know all these trues in there and live according. I thought, the TRANSLATION would reveal some Hebrew wisdom behind.

Heather Rodin

It was a very small book for such a great price. And perhaps not as in-depth as I was hoping.

Curtis Miller
Great devotional book.

Great devotional book. It is worthy of reading.

Thomas Godek
Rereading Matthew

Not what I expected but hard to put down reading .

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