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Passover Haggadah for Christians [digital download]

Passover Haggadah for Christians [digital download]

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This Passover Seder haggadah is written specifically for Christians who want to learn more about Jesus and discover the significance of the biblical feast of Passover in an inspiring, educational, and family-friendly way.

This new edition includes color illustrations, designated readings for one leader and multiple participants, as well as a section explaining the different elements of a traditional Passover Seder and their symbolism.

This easy-to-follow haggadah will walk you through a full, rich, and meaningful Passover service.

This is the digital download version. You will receive a PDF download link after completing your purchase. You can opt to read it off of your phone or tablet, or print your own paper copies. You have permission to print multiple copies (enough for your family or group seder), but please do not forward the PDF file on to others.

Click here if you want to buy this haggadah already printed and bound.

Format: print-it-yourself PDF file
File Size: 6.51 MB
Page Size: 8.5 inches by 11 inches
Page Count: 32 pages

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Customer Reviews

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Karlene Klassen
Passover Haggadah

Hi. I appreciate having a Hagaddah that also teaches the Messianic fulfillment. I was a bit confused by the "5" cups because I've learned to understand it is 4 cups, with the 4 actions that God has done from Ex.6:6-8. I see that a 4th cup of praise can include acceptance and great redemption. However, I've lead a seder with our (gentile) church for a decade now, so I continued to teach with the 4th being the cup of praise. ( I also omitted the 5 cups crossword puzzle in the children's hagaddah to alleviate confusion of what we've understood up to now.
I added a few more NT verses to explain the fulfillments and we didn't use the dayenu song. Overall, I appreciated it as another resource to use in addition to what I've used in the past. Thankyou so much!

Shayne Tracy

I like it so far

Sharon Hobbs
Understanding our Roots

Well written and very informative on Yeshua as the Messiah

Seppo Mohell
It’s very easy for me

I am going to read it this Passover



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